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Surrey Escorts is simply the most consummate, professional and acutely customer focussed visiting escort service available in the region today. We have been serving the county’s intimate companionship needs for many a long year and we hope to continue in this vein. Our brief is a simple one, to provide affordable, high quality escort services with an emphasis on a professional approach and timely appointments. But then, whilst it is relatively easy to get all of the basics right one aspect is far more difficult to achieve – the correct balance of girls and we don’t mean simply in terms of having an equal ratio of blondes and brunettes on the books! It is all about the personalities, about a certain something else that defines sexiness and about physical attributes, the three combining in one fantastic package!

When your meeting with your beautiful date goes beyond your expectations, when you think only of Surrey escorts when looking for a massage of the sensual variety, when you are completely satisfied – that is when we are satisfied at a job well done. We know that you will agree that the escorts are irresistible, friendly and vivacious, lovely young ladies with everything going for them. Our challenge is to ensure that the whole experience wrapped around your date from making your selection, making a booking and your girl turning up as arranged all goes to plan. This is easier for us than many other agencies, simply because we portray real girls on our site and they will turn up for a date. Not every agency is as reliable as we are but at Surrey Escorts we take business probity seriously. We want to break the mould when it comes to escort services, reclaiming the business for those of us who enjoy spending an hour or two with a sexy woman but do not want that to be used against us. Good pricing, good service and the most nubile and sensual young models working as Surrey escorts – it’s all good! Indulge your fantasy by booking a fun and fabulous, exciting, stunningly attractive Surrey Escort today.

Sexy Sirens - irresistible beauties from Surrey escorts

What constitutes great beauty? Throughout the centuries there have been women worshipped for their allure and yet the standard of beauty itself has varied enormously. For every Kate Moss there is a Nell Gwynn, for every Cleopatra there is a Scarlet Johansson. Tall or short, fat or thin the world sees beauty through rose coloured spectacles as each and every man has his own preferences, subliminal code hardwired into his brain making him see the world just so. Personally I have never found Gwyneth Paltrow sexy nor does Keira Knightley rock my world yet I know of friends of mine who would chop off their right hand for the chance to bed either – or both – of those undeniable beauties. And so we come to the luscious, lithe and lovely girls at Surrey escorts. Undoubtedly the girls are all gorgeous, nubile goddesses designed for loving but we have a goodly selection of girls from different backgrounds with their own look and style and their own personalities – some more extroverted, some more tactile, some more talkative, some more demure and some that are just sex bombs! What they do have in common is that they are made to be visiting escorts; it’s in the genetics of these stunningly sexy creatures to give you a dating experience that will live long in the memory!

We care - the epitome of service and quality

The sexy portfolio of Surrey Escorts is every man's wildest dream and you have made the right choice to choose your dating companion from us. We make a promise to our discerning clients that we care about quality and that is one of the reasons for our excellent reputation as one of the best escort agencies in the Surrey region. The other reason goes without saying but I will say it anyway, the girls! Stunningly beautiful, friendly and fabulous, what you see in the online gallery is absolutely what you get, as unlike many of our competitors, we will never enhance or airbrush a photograph on our site. Our genuinely honest approach is most appreciated by our many returning customers. Our philosophy is to provide a service with integrity and to only represent girls who genuinely enjoy working as a visiting escort and we are absolutely sure you will notice the difference. We promise:

  • Photographs of real visiting escort beauties that have not been altered in any way except where a girl wants her facial features obscured
  • The facts about our girls accurately presented in th eonline profiles
  • A commitment to privacy and discretion from a business based on honesty and integrity
  • Girls who are truly suited to th ejob and who love working as a visiting escort
  • A punctual service that you can rely on time after time

Seeing, and more to the point experiencing, is believing so pick up the phone and give us a call and book one of our Surrey Escort angels and decide for yourself! Call Surrey Escorts on 01932 645678 and enjoy an unforgetable visiting escort experience.

Amazing Value

Every escort agency aspires to be the best but as Highlander once said, "there can be only one" and that ladies and gentlemen is Surrey escorts, home to so many sparkling beauties that it is easy to lose track! And the remarkable thing is that you can enjoy a sizzling hour or more in the company of a ravishing beauty for much less than you might have imagined - though the escorts set their fees, not the agency, you will find that a reasonable sum of £125 will secure the presence and attentions of a stunning escort for a good hour. And you can benfit from even keener pricing should you choose to extend the length of your date.

We defy anyone to find any other escort service that offers the same high quality combined with such great value. These gorgeous and fun loving girls truly are the classiest outcall visiting service available today. High quality and great value, not forgetting the most sexy and friendly girls - Surrey Escorts.

Out and about in Surrey

The large county of Surrey is filled with all manner of weird and wonderful things to see and enjoy and we don’t pretend to have covered even a smidgeon of the man-made and natural delights of the region in our town guides but despite that we hope you will find them useful and interesting. What we have tried to do is to coral our collective wisdom and give pointers to those of you just visiting Surrey, perhaps on holiday or on business, and are wondering where would be a good place for that riverside terrace and a chilled glass of wine. Or the gastro pub that does that fancy food like the bloke on the telly. Or the traditional village pub with a cricket green on the doorstep and a beer garden serving real ale and a summer barbecue... We’ve also included snippets about history where there is some though we haven’t included a free national trust membership so you will have to pay your way to actually get inside some of the places recommended! We gratefully accept any suggestions for inclusion so please get in touch if you know of a hidden gem of a pub or a fete or whatever and would like to see it mentioned on these pages.

We want to hear about your experience

In order to continually improve a service it is important for a business to get feedback and to take that feedback seriously. Many internet based companies will ask visitors to complete an online survey, businesses where there is personal contact such as an airline may ask one to complete a questionnaire; others may employ telephone canvassers to get your opinion. In whatever form it is gathered this intelligence is crucial to keeping ahead of the game, above the competition and in an innovative place. Surrey Escorts provides a number of ways in which you can give us feedback on the service we provide. To give us your view on how customer focussed and friendly we are you could email us using the address provided or simply give us a call. To let us, and the world, know how well your date went or how fabulous your escort beauty was there is an online link to a message board on each girl’s profile page. These reviews represent the opinions of real people and you may find them a worthwhile read when considering who your gorgeous date will be.

Sexy Satin and Lace stories

“Sexy Satin and Lace Stories” represent Surrey escorts’ contribution to the oeuvre of erotic literature, our homage to Belle de Jour, the Marquis de Sade and the Virago Press, expressions of intense internal longing and... Oh, ok then, they are half decent attempts by talentless amateurs to create saucy storylines featuring an escort’s attempts during her spare time to find willing sex partners with whom to experiment sexually. Our heroine’s sex odyssey will usually involve her in frisky and frantic situations with some twists and turns along the way. So we are not going to give in to hubris and think that our hurried efforts to weave an erotic tale of lust and a little love are anything special but we do enjoy putting them together and we hope they put a smile on your face even as they fail to excite another part of your anatomy!

Satin and Lace – a combination almost as good as a telephone and Surrey escorts office number...



Sexy satin and Lace stories

All the latest news and sexy stories from Surrey Escorts

  • My fantasy would be...

  • 9th November 2014

  • Ravishing, irresistible, stunning and sensual were the words that immediately came to mind when I opened my hotel room door and gazed in awe at the red hot escort before me. She was dressed to impress in a sexy short skirt, tight, yet modest top, making the most of her assets, and she exuded a confidence that I found instantly arousing: my senses suddenly acute and my body tingling with excitement. Thoughts of what was to come raced through my mind, a fantasia of fun ahead and an evening to be long remembered. There was a twinkle in her eye...

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  • The future of intimate companionship

  • 11th October 2014

  • What will the escort service of the future look like? I was pondering this intriguing question the other night when a casual girlfriend suggested that we watch an erotic movie on her new three dimensional television set. Wearing glasses felt a little bit strange and unsexy to begin with but once the movie was underway I quite got into it if you get my meaning. Having been convinced that this new technology will transform the way we watch saucy movies I began to contemplate other developments that will revolutionise the way we enjoy intimate experiences. An obvious one would be...

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  • Nothing compares to the touch of her skin...

  • 28th September 2014

  • If one was writing a history of pleasure where would one start? Would Epicurus provide an apt beginning? Well, the philosopher is certainly linked to pleasure, in particular that gained from eating delicious foods but he wouldn’t do it for me. What about Byron who stated that he found more pleasure in nature than in man? Da Vinci claimed that the ‘noblest’ pleasure was in the joy of understanding while Jane Austen thought that the ultimate pleasure was to be had in a good book. Salvador Dali said that for him it was the pleasure of waking up and realising...

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